How to dye your hair without chemicals(only using natural products).

There are so many ways to dye your hair naturally.

-For black or dark brown hair:

•Coffe or black tea: 
Mix 1/2,in a tea cup,hair mask or conditioner and 1/2 tea cup with coffe together.Apply on dry hair and live it for about 1 hour.Then wash it out with water.If you do this usually in your shower you will notice that your hair will become darker and darker with the time.But,if you stop do this you will notice that your hair will go back in ther natural color.


-For red hair:

Cinnamon:Mixing cinnamon with conditioner on equal quantities will give your hair beatiful red highlights.If you do this usually you will notice that your hair will start to have a gold/orange/red texture.


-For blonde hair:

•Mix of lemon,vinegar,yolk and chamomile:If you mix a little lemon juice,a little vinegar and a yolk in your hair and live it for 1 hour and wash out with water you will notice that your hair will start having a blonde texture and blonde highlights.If you want a more intense result you can use the mix of lemon,vinegar and yolk and wash out with chamomile.


And for our older ladies.

-How to get rid of grey hair:

•Run as fast as you can in your kitchen!And make a tea of sage and rosemary:Boil a quantity of water (that you are happy with) pour the tea of sage and rosemary,then put it in your fridge for about 3-4 hours.Every 10 minutes before every wash you have to put that mix and then wash yourself.You won’t see the results from the first use but -believe me,if you do this for about a week you will notice that your hair wil start and taking back their natural color.Keep doing it for a long time.


Try and you will remember me.I really wish I helped you.If you want anything else let me know.
Bye-bye for know


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